Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Melissa Nathan

Since the poll has a vote for P & P (Pride & Prejudice) and two for Persuasion we'll start with an author who has covered both.

Melissa Nathan wrote "Pride, Prejudice, and Jasmin Fields" and "Persuading Annie". It is obvious which book is based off of which Austen novel. There are no surprises. The books follow the story lines of their respective Austen novels and it's easy to see which character is which. The thing is the books are incredibly enjoyable. They take place in the 21st century and have characters you love just as much as Austen's. I have read "Persuading Annie" at least 30 times and I still love it.

The sad thing is Melissa Nathan died of breast cancer several years ago. She was only in her thirties. She has three other books which are non-Austen related, but still very enjoyable.

So check her out. I, as Austen, wholly approve of what she has done with my novels.

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