Monday, January 26, 2009

Amanda Grange....a woman who thinks like a man: a Regency gentleman

First off let me begin by saying I am concussed; I fell on the ice and hit my head quite hard so if I make any mistakes blame it on the head injury.

I am reading "Darcy's Diary" by Amanda Grange and must admit to loving it. I thought Janet Aylmer's "Darcy's Story" had been my favorite view of P & P from Darcy's perspective. In fact, you can even read "Darcy's Story" as you watch the 1995 Colin Firth Jennifer Ehle P & P and see how well it follows. There's even a seen where Darcy takes Elizabeth's hand and then drops it. His reasons why are in the book. (When Elizabeth is at Lambton and finds out about Lydia). I love Amanda Grange. I have all of her Austen hero diaries and am intrigued to read "Edmund Bertram's Diary" because I hate Edmund and am wondering if I'm going to like him now.

Grange gives life to the perfect hero. He is thoughtful and caring and is everything a woman could want in a Regency man....or any man for that matter. I know I may be old fashioned, but I hate it when other books have Darcy or one of the other men have a mistress or frequent brothels. I know it is not unheard of....I know it is common place and everything, but I like to think Austen's heroes are above that. Grange apparently believes so as well or at least does not let us know about their darker sides.

Grange keeps with the characters. Her next book is "Colonel Brandon's Diary" I will definitely buy it. I wish I had bought "Darcy's Diary" in paperback so all my books would match. The covers of the paperbacks are beautiful and look so nice on a bookshelf together. I will be interested to know if she is going to do an Edward Ferris Diary. This is the one I want to read. He had is engagement to Fanny for so long and then met Elinor. I'd like to see the conflict in his diary. His love for Elinor yet his promise to Fanny. Does anyone know if Grange has plans for this?

I think I'd also like to read the diaries of some of Austen's bad boys. Wouldn't it be interesting to see Willoughby's point of view? What sort of life Mr. Elliot led before he decided he wanted the baronet? What Wickham was thinking when he tried to elope with Georgiana and his thoughts on what he really intended with Lydia? These books might exist, but I have yet to come across them.

I would like to read Amanda Grange's other books. There is a list in front of "Darcy's Diary" that I shall try to find on I do highly recommend any Grange novel. She does her research and creates great characters. I am so glad she has a love of Regency England.


  1. I just finished Persuading Annie. And it was wonderful. Thanks for the suggestion!

  2. I love the opening scene where she's deciding how to tell them she's having a baby. I've always wondered if in the note Jake said "The years I've wasted or the years I've waited". Could be either or. What's your take? I'm so glad you liked it. Try "Jane Austen in Scarsdale or Life, Death and the SATs." Also try the other Melissa Nathan's that are not Jane Austen related. I loved "The Nanny", but try to get the UK edition if you can. It's way better.

  3. I couldn't past the first chapter of the Life, Death, and the SATs. I wish I could, but Melissa Nathan books look like they will be my guilty pleasure!