Thursday, May 23, 2013

Maria Grace's Trilogy

Dear Readers, I have been away for some time, but I just read a trilogy that makes me want to come back to the blog to talk about the trilogy written by Maria Grace. Darcy's Decision, The Future Mrs. Darcy, and All the Appearance of Goodness. I was okay with the first book. Georgiana was a little more childish than I would prefer, but she is young so I could forgive. Then there was book two and I was disappointed on how Lizzie was portrayed. Gone was the strong heroine so many girls have loved and in her place a nervous ninny like character whose stomach always hurt because she was upset. I can get Lizzie being upset if her father was short with her, but I can't see her getting as defensive and sad as Ms. Grace made her. I feel she did a real injustice to the great Lizzie Bennent. Then we come to the third book, which really I just wanted to throw away. But if I did that I would also throw away my Kindle Fire and I don't want to do that. There are books I like on it. The third book had Fitzwilliam, Darcy's cousin go after Jane instead of Bingley. I get liking Fitzwilliam. Who doesn't feel a little sad for him? He deserves a good wife, but Jane? Really? Am I the only one who likes Bingley and Jane? And Lizzie originally has a thing for Mr. Collins? Really? Jane Austen made him ridiculous and someone else writes him as a Greek god? On the other hand I have always said if you're going to rewrite Pride and Prejudice then REWRITE Pride and Prejudice. So Ms. Grace did just this. Although I wonder why she let Lizzie and Darcy get together with destroying so much of the rest of the story. I did appreciate that Mary got a happy ending. I think she is overlooked and does deserve some of the shine. But really. The trilogy just made me not want to read anymore Pride and Prejudice remakes. But I did finish them because I was determined to do so. Nancy Pearl's rules of reading made me finish. But why does Elizabeth have to suffer an attack? Why must authors always move toward rape in order to show a woman in danger? Can Regency women not feel other dangers? There are many to speak of although in today's time they don't translate and rape translates as bad regardless of the time period. But I resent using it so Elizabeth can be rescued by Darcy. I think this takes a serious topic and almost trivializes it. Do you have a book that is fan fiction that totally ruins the characters for you?