Thursday, December 17, 2009

In Love With A Story

Can you actually be in love with a story? Can you love the story of how you and someone met so much that you forget all the horrible stuff because you want the story to be your story? Is it possible to love a story so much, like Pride & Prejudice, that if you met a Darcy in the same way Lizzy met her Darcy and things progressed like the novel would you want that to be your story even if in the end your Darcy wasn't really as great as Lizzy's Darcy? Does any of this make sense or have I truly lost my touch with reality? Do I want a Wentworth so badly that I would take any Wentworth no matter how badly he treats me?

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  1. I did not realize it at the time, but 2 years after marrying my husband and fully engorssing him with Jane Austen's masterpieces he informed me that we had an almost picture perfect Pride and Prejudice relationship.

    I doubted, but then analyzed our courtship and sure enough we did. I am pleased and lucky that Mr. Hox is my own Mr. Darcy, tall, dark, handsome and a bit brooding and mysterious.