Sunday, May 3, 2009

12 Step Program

I have been receiving updates about books that I might be interested in. Most of them are P & P related.

What's the fuss? Why do we need to know what happens after Darcy and Elizabeth get their happily ever after? Isn't it enough that they have a happily ever after? I know we love Darcy and Elizabeth and we want more. Everyone wants more.

But I'm beginning to think that I just like the way I wrote it. I don't want new information. I don't want to read about the sex life. I don't want to read how Elizabeth can't get pregnant or can't have a son. I don't want to read about tragic illnesses or attempted rapes or anything. I just want a normal life, which I'm sure publishing companies would think that this would not make for good reading or good money, but seriously why does bad stuff have to happen?

I know bad things happen to everyone and life isn't perfect, but there are times when I think just a little too much happens to the Darcys. It's like an episode of some TV show that you know is blowing everything out of proportion. Really? You have four bombs in your hospital in one year and a helicopter crash?

So I might stop my quest to read everything Pride & Prejudice related. I could still read the updates that have the story taking place in modern times, but I might be done with the sequels and then again I might be a big fat liar...I'm an addict and I know I want to stop, but I can't.

Is there a 12 step program I can enter to get over my P & P addiction? Then again I probably don't really want to join anyway....I'd just fall down the steps!


  1. Well, I agree with you, Jane. I very much liked the way YOU wrote and I prefer imagining them happy together without anyone else telling me the details of their life as a married couple. I just read and re-read the pages I like best and watch any film adaptation coming out from time to time. That's nice. Did you see what happened to one of your fans who entered the world of P&P, personally? I mean, did you see LOST IN AUSTEN?

  2. I purchased Lost in Austen, but have not had a chance to watch it yet. I am definitely looking forward to it. I've heard great things.

    I will admit though that there is one author, who I just began reading and I quite like her version of what happens afterward. And This Is Our Life by Cary Bligard. I am not all the way through, but so far it is making me happy.

    I also reread sections that make me happy. I just bought a Kindle and purchased some MUST HAVE books and have bookmarked the sections that I like to read again and again. Right now my favorite is when Knightley and Emma reveal their feelings. Although for me a lot of it is the ending of Persuasion starting with Frederick's letter. There could not be a more perfect letter in the whole history of letter writing.

  3. Yes, I love the final part of PERSUASION. Delayed gratification for Anne Elliot and great emotions for us all, thanks to Capt. Wentworth wonderful letter. Perfect, you're right!
    P.S. Lost in Austen is fun! Great fun. As soon as you have some spare time, watch it!